How to Register Sarawak ID

Navigate your browser to


Click on the Register Now link.

If you owned a MyKad, choose to register using MyKad. Otherwise, choose Passport (for foreigner).

Registration Step 1: Your Profile
  1. Pick your Sarawak ID and click on Verify Sarawak ID to check whether is available.
  2. Then fill in your name and MyKad number, as printed on your MyKad. 
  3. If you are registering usng Passport, then fill in the information about your passport.
  4. All information on this page is compulsory and they must be fill in.
  5. Double check all the crucial information is correct, then click on Submit. A Terms and Condition pop-up will appear, choose either I Agree or Cancel Registration. If you choose I Agree, you will brought to the next step.


Registration Step 2: Optional Information 
  1. All the information on this page is not compulsory and you can click on Next to skip this step. You can always update these information later in your personal profile.


Registration Step 3: Mobile Phone
  1. At this step, please key in your mobile phone number.
  2. Is recommend to verify whether your mobile phone number is correct or not, by clicking on the Request OTP button. This will send an One Time Password (OTP) to your mobile phone. If you do not receive the OPT after awhile, you can click on the Resend OTP to request for the OTP again.
  3. Once you receive the OTP, key it into the box, and click Submit. If the OTP is correct, your mobile phone is verified.
  4. If you do not wish to verify your mobile phone number, or having problem receiving the OTP, you can click on Next, to skipped the verification process and on to the next page. You can always verify your mobile phone number later, in your personal profile page.


Registration Step 4: Email
  1. Similar to previous step, please key in your email address and click on Email Verification. The email address is compulsory and cannot be skipped.
  2. Once click on Email Verification, and email will be send to your email address. Please look for the email like below, and click on the activation link in the email. It should bring you to Registration Success page.
  3. Congratulation, you have successfully register Sarawak ID.



Congratulation, you have successfully register Sarawak ID.