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Pharmacies: Pharmacies are doted all over town and
are open 7 days a week, usually from 9.00 am to 6.00 or BINTULU
7.00 pm. Staf almost always speak good English and are
able to advise on minor health problems. Note: The area code for
all telephone numbers
Post Oice: The Central Post Oice is on Jln Kingsway. in Bintulu and its
There is also a Post Oice in the Boulevard Shopping surroundings, unless
Complex (see Shopping). otherwise stated, is 086
Places of Worship: For other religions and from outside the area
and +6086 from overseas.
denominaions please check the local press or enquire All addreses are 97000
at the Visitor’s Informaion Centre. Bintulu unless otherwise
Miri Mosque, Jln. Merpai stated.
Chinese Temples, Jln. China & Jln Krokop 9 (see
Atracions) Introducion
St. Columba’s Church (Anglican), Jln. Kubu.
St. Joseph’s Cathedral (RC), Jln. Angsana, of Miri-Pujut Rd. Originally a sleepy Melanau ishing village, Bintulu is
SIB (Evangelical Church of Borneo), Lot 67, Lrg. 2, nowadays Sarawak’s main industrial town and principal
Krokop. deep-water port, servicing the oil, gas and imber
Sikh Temple, Jln Kubu. industries. The town is located at the mouth of the
Kemena River and has a populaion of approximately
Useful Telephone Numbers 180,000, made up primarily of Ibans, Chinese, Malays
and Melanaus, with a smatering of Bisayas, Kedayans,
Central Police Staion, Jalan Raja, Tel: 433677 Bidayuhs, Orang Ulus and a large expatriate coningent.
Emergency (Police/Ambulance), Tel: 999 (Tel: 112 from
mobile phone) Atracions
Fire & Rescue, Tel: 994 (Tel: 112 from mobile phone) For the visitor, Bintulu’s main tourist atracion is
Immigraion, Jln Gartak, Tel: 432209 Similajau Naional Park, a narrow strip of forest fronted
Miri Taxi Associaion (24 hr) Tel: 432277 by golden sand beaches (see Naional Parks chapter).
Miri Resident’s Oice, Jln Raja, Tel: 433202 Other atracions & town features are listed below.

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