Project to Solve Flooding at Kampung Jeriah

Date : 13 June 2018     Source : Peter Boon

Jurutera Jasa (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd director Mohamad Nazwan Mustafa (third left) briefs Dr Annuar (second left) and Ling (fourth left) on the RM18-million flood mitigation project.

SIBU: The RM18-million flood mitigation project in Kampung Jeriah here will address perennial flooding at the low-lying village.

Assistant Minister of Housing and Public Health Dr Annuar Rapaee and Sibu MP Oscar Ling, who visited the project site yesterday, said the problem lies in getting stagnant water discharged into the Seduan river, especially following a heavy downpour.

Dr Annuar, who is also Assistant Minister of Education and Technological Research, said the project is funded by the Sarawak government.

Dr Anita (fifth left) briefs Ling (fourth left) and Dr Annuar (sixth left) on a flood-prone area near her house in Kampung Jeriah.

“There are two phases. Phase 1 costs about RM6.8 million and Phase 2 – which has just been approved – is about RM11 million.

“Phase 1 has started and will take about 16 months to complete. Phase 2 has just been approved and needs to go through the tendering processes,” he added.

Ling, meanwhile, said the project will involve raising the road and improving the drainage system.

Dr Anita Rosli, who chairs the special committee to monitor the flood mitigation project in Kampung Jeriah, said the road leading to her house would become inaccessible after every downpour.

“The situation, however, has improved since the start of the flood mitigation project,” she said.

For Murdani Mahmud, a resident of nearby Kampung Seduan Jaya, he said his house would come under a foot of water during a downpour, adding the road to his house would also become inaccessible when there was flooding.