Hotel, tour agency staff mend lowland areas of Bako National Park

Date : 17 April 2018     Source : The Borneo Post

The volunteers from Meritin Hotel and Cat City Holidays Sdn Bhd taking part in the lowland fortification activity at Bako National Park.



KUCHING: A group of 20 volunteers came together recently to aid with the flood management of lowland areas of Bako National Park.

In a joint press statement yesterday, Meritin Hotel and Cat City Holidays Sdn Bhd said the activity was jointly organised as part of their corporate social responsibility, and the volunteers comprised employees from both the hotel and the tour agency.

Going by a military theme, this initiative was carried out with the goal of maintaining the structural integrity of the precious lowland areas of the national park, which is one of the top tourist destinations in the state.

The event was supported by Sarawak Forestry Corporation and was conducted on April 14 from 7am to 12pm, with Bako National Park selected for the activity as it is a top tourist destination in the state.

The result of the lowland fortification activity was very fruitful where 80 carts of sand were gathered from Teluk Assam beach and used to fill up areas that have been affected the most by the rainy weather of recent months.

The activity also highlighted the need for a heightened awareness in efforts at defending the environment from both the negative impact of human activity, as well as issues arising as a result of natural causes.

“Our mission is to defend our home from the encroaching habitat loss,” said Meritin Hotel’s executive director and general manager Olivia Ting.

The managing director of Cat City Holidays Mok Venia pointed out that various social drives to improve the state of the environment were becoming popular activities in other countries and commented that the beach management activity could spur Kuching residents to adopt similarly eco-friendly social missions to keep the environment pristine.