Facts On Sarawak
Total Area : 124, 449 KM2
Location : Between latitude 0° 50’ and  5°N and longitude 109° 36' and 115° 40' E
System Of Government : Parlimentary democracy with a constitutional monarch
Capital of Sarawak : Kuching
Major Language : Malay, English and Mandarin
Major Religions : Islam, Buddist, Christian and Hindu
Time : GMT + 8 hours
US Eastern Standard Time + 13 hours
Climate : Tropical: warm and sunny throughout the year. Daily temperature range from 33o C in the afternoon to 22o C during the night
State Flag

Red colour symbolises the courage, determination and sacrifices of the people in their tireless pursuit to attain and maintain progress and esteem in the course of creating a model State;  Yellow colour denotes the supremacy of law and order,  unity and stability in the diversity...


State Crest

Sarawak’s Crest features a symbolic wing-spread Kenyalang or Rhinoceros Hornbill with a shield bearing the state flag on its chest. The hornbill's wings have 13 feathers, which represent the states in Malaysia. The Bunga Raya (Hibiscus) – Malaysia’s national flower - appears on the right and left...


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