Land Transport

All divisions and districts in Sarawak are now linked by road. The Trans-Borneo Highway runs from Lundu in the Kuching Division all the way to Merapok in the Limbang Division. In the 1960s, Sarawak had barely 300 miles of sealed roads, but by 2010, that figure had increased to more than 11,368 km.

Around 72% of these roads are bitumen surfaced, while 22% are gravelled and the rest are unsurfaced. The road system within the State is constantly being upgraded and public transport systems improved to cater for increasing traffic. In 1996, the number of registered vehicles in the state was 41,817; by 2001, this total had grown to 717,245.

Recently, a sum of RM5.5 billion was allocated for the widening of the road networks connecting Sarawak’s major towns. Most major towns and cities offer various modes of public transport services, including buses, taxis and limousine services. Bus services are also available for those travelling within the state as well as international routes to Indonesia (Pontianak) and Brunei.

Travelling from Kuching to Sibu by car takes about six hours, while a trip from Kuching to Miri lasts approximately 12 hours.